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Where it all began...

This is my first blog, so you are going to have to bare with me as I have never written one before. I wish to tell you my story of how Robson & May first started and to inform/enhance your knowledge of my materials. The day to day life of living on a farm, the farming industry and much more. I hope you enjoy.

Katie Robson and her dog Heidi Ho.

Who is Robson & May?

Hello, I am Katie Robson, a 21-year-old lady, country bumpkin, farm and equine lover and the founder of Robson & May.

What do I do…

I design and make bespoke leather wear accessories for all you crazy country lovers, fashion gurus and anybody that takes a fancy to my range of products. My accessories are classy but unique. I want my customers to be noticed when wearing my accessories. My friends and family who know me well, know that I do like to be a bit different when it comes to fashion.My products are inspired by the great British countryside.

Art and design has always been a big part of my life I used to spend hours when I was little sorting out my mum’s buttons into colours and dressing up in mum’s boxes full of fabric. I believe this is where it all started, which leads me onto my next question.

Where did it all start….

As you can guess, like mother like daughter, I have taken in her footsteps with my seamstress skills, but I wanted to be different… I wanted to try something new, so I found the love for leather. It is a fantastic matieral to work with, so much choice, colour, texture and the possibilities are endless when designing with leather.

I do have to stop myself some days and say-stop thinking of all these ideas… ‘don’t run before you can walk’ as Grandma says!!

I attended a leather workshop course in 2017, where I learnt all the basic skills of working with leather. At the end of the course i had made a leather belt and horse bridle. I have since built up further leather skills and knowledge creating more equine based equipment and repairs.

What drew me to the cowhide...

I would say there are 3 mains reasons I chose to use cowhide as my main material for my products.

  1. The love for cows, I am fortunate to live on a working dairy farm in Shropshire, were I enjoy the hands on day to day duties of the farm. I am able to see the process of farming livestock, from birth to rearing to supplying food for the general public. We take great pride in our livestock just as much pride as I do in each of my products. Utilising the cowhide as a material, creates less wastage and uses the by product to it full potential. We do not slaghter the cows just for there skin, cowhides are a by product of the meat industry. (Further blogs to follow in the sourceing of the cowhides)

  2. The pattern of each cowhide is different ever time, meaning that ever product I create with cowhide is unique. I have a wide range of colours to choose from, depending on the breed of cow. To some people this may be slightly strange to be touching a real cowhide, but to me and hopefully others it brings a sense of luxury to my items.

  3. Cowhide is a soft leather in relation to the English Bridle leather that I use for equine equipment and belts. Cowhide has less structure meaning it is more flexible to work with giving me a wider range of uses for it. I wouldn't say it is the easiest matieral to work with as it is very slippy when sewing, but I believe it is worth the end product.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, keep your eyes peeled for my next blog.

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